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The Aesthetics of Prosthetics exhibition is within the framework of Pratt Institute School of Architecture’s 2019 Dean’s Lecture Series and will take place between September 19th and October 17th. We invite young architects and designers to submit their initial proposal statements until July 30th 2019.

The School of Architecture will host a debate with experts in the subject of prosthetic intelligence on the opening day. The debate, moderated by Ferda Kolatan, will introduce the subjects addressed by the exhibition and will be followed up by the opening reception of the exhibition.


Society today is integrating technology to find alternative ways of enhancing our natural capacities. Many contemporary architects, artists and designers work toward integrating virtual tools in the built environment that radically change contemporary aesthetics. This new “intelligence” has folded itself into new forms of expression, therefore redefining aesthetics.

We define prosthetic intelligence as any device or tool that enhances our mental environment as opposed to our physical environment. Here is the simplest everyday example: When at a restaurant with friends, you reach out to your smartphone to do an online search for a reference to further the conversation, you use prosthetic intelligence.

With the “Aesthetics of Prosthetics” Open Call our objective is to gather proposals that can frame the discussion around one or more of these issues:

1) What are the implications in designing (with) “virtually enhanced” objects?

2) How does this “Prosthetic Intelligence” along with newly developed tools/technologies synthesize itself into new aesthetics and how do these devices manifest themselves as cultural expressions?

3) What is the new aesthetics created by designing (with) prosthetic devices?

Designers will present unconventional techniques to take on an architectural component that can vary from a building to a wall to a joint. They are expected to experiment with different modes of representation and fabrication. We aim to collect hypotheses and suggestions - imaginative, ironic, practical, visionary - so as to reflect on what methods are defining aesthetics in contemporary architecture.


With this Open Call, the participants are given until July 30th, 2019 to submit the items listed below to be considered to join the exhibition:

  • a short proposal statement indicating what the participant is intending to submit for the exhibition (approximately 300 words),

  • drawing(s) or image(s) of previous related work or preliminary sketch(es)

  • CV

The last day to submit for the exhibition is September 6th, 2019. The participants are asked to produce work responding to the brief of the exhibition. Collaborations are encouraged to achieve a productive thinking environment but not mandatory.

Submissions will be selected to be shown at the Siegel Gallery in Higgins Hall commencing on September 19th. The exhibition will continue until October 17th. Submissions will be transmitted to architecture publications and will be shown on our website and social media accounts.


Submissions are accepted as drawings, models, projections, audio installations, VR/AR environments, food or experiences:

  • drawings can be maximum 48” in any dimension in 12” increments

  • model submissions will be given a 24”x24” pedestal

  • projection size needs to be coordinated with the curator team before submission

The participants are asked to submit text describing their work responding to the brief, approximately 500 words.


May 30th - Open Call

July 30th - Last Day to Register for the Exhibition

September 6th - Last Day to Submit Work for the Exhibition

September 19th - October 17th - Exhibition



Pratt Institute

School of Architecture
61 St. James Place
11238, Brooklyn, NY


September 19th, 2019
October 17th, 2019




Curatorial team

The Aesthetics of Prosthetics Collaborative Exhibition is organized by a group of Pratt Institute School of Architecture Alumni and Students.

Curators //

Ceren Arslan, B.Arch 18’
Irmak Çiftçi, B.Arch 20’
Can  İmamoğlu,  B.Arch 16’
Alican Taylan, M.Arch 18’

Advisors //

Ferda Kolatan, Associate Professor of Practice,
University of Pennsylvania School of Architecture
Jason Lee, Associate Chairperson of Undergraduate Architecture,
Pratt Institute School of Architecture
Koray Duman, Principal at Buro Koray Duman

In Collaboration With //

Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Dean’s Lecture Series Fall 2019



The design professions are now coming to terms with new kinds of digital tools they have adopted - no longer tools for making but tools for thinking.
— Mario Carpo



Feel free to reach out to us regarding any questions!

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